Know for their sexiness, the asari were commonly used as porn stars for pornos produced throughout Citidel Space. This is mainly due their breasts which had turned on many species in the galaxy.

They initially called themselves the Blezbos but contact with the salarians eventually lead to a change. After the salarians first somewhat hostile encounter with the Blezbo race one of the commandos accidentally opened fire and immediately apologized for it, a rushed apology which came out in the salarian tongue as a sorry. The salarians were confused but unharmed they asked in their language what the Blezbo race was and the commando continued to reply a sorry in salarian. Despite the salarians intelligence the name stuck and after the first contact between intergalactic species the Blezbos were unofficially renamed the Asorry race, . However after time it became more appealing to simply say asari in the rushed way of life that the salarians. They had no idea until translators by the salarians were made when they discovered the flaw their head diplomats at the time referred to as Blue Footed Boobies (After humanities contact they renamed them matriarchs when we began asking "why are you lead by birds?") they argued and argued and eventually the salarians claimed to agree to their terms. However they altered the translation so that everytime the Blezbos spoke their species name it translated directly to asari in all languages. after a few hundred years more diverse youth groups tat took a particular interest in krogan and salaran males decided to adopt the name asari. Officially the asari are a subsect of the Blezbo races that favors interspecies relations over the norm. to this day the Blezbos are unaware that other races call them asari.