Evil chris

Evil Chris flaunts his evilness.

Evil Chris is an dev (who sits behind an evil desk in P.R. ) on the Mass effect forums.

About Chris Edit

His hobbys are evil, collecting the tears of little children, and eating wagon wheels. He always signs his posts on the forums with an evil smilie. He may also be refered to as the Predatory Piano of Mass Effect. His comments are generally not to be taken seriously

It would also be acceptable to refer to him as the Thread Reaper as his posts are often made when locking up an inappropriate thread. It is common to see him at least once in a forum goers life.

Involvement in the Epic Battle of the DLC Edit

Evil Chris made some comments that, as a result of over hype and Disgruntled forum goers, caused the Epic Battle of the DLC thread. He latter apologized for his comments but was too late and was forced to set the thread into LOCKDOWN on the 79th page.