The Krogan are a Savage Race, Choosing aggressive action over peaceful action. The race did not begin as such a cruel and violent race. They actually started as a small pest on a Prothean planet, Kroak were small toad like creatures with a hard shell like back. This offered protection from all the predators on the planet, the Kroak bred rapidly and ate up most of the planets Vegetation. The Protheans realised the potential threat and relocated them to a suitable planet. The planet was a large Vegetated planet, the plants had a weird characteristic they were huge and grew back within a day or two. The Protheans took samples and later named the chemical in the plants Anabolic Steroids.

The Kroak soon become very stable and fulfilled on this planet, except they were so busy eating that they become socially retarded. They began to ignore all other aspects of life. The Protheans took a Socially inadequate Kroak and studied it. They found the Kroak was fascinated with a famous Prothean Called Hulk Hogan (he was famous for being the only physically adept Prothean) The Protheans then invented a T.V and put them all over the New Kroak Planet.
The Kroaks were growing in size every year with each spawn of Kroak. Soon they developed language and a Huge muscular Physique. The Protheans Returned to find the Kroak fighting amongst each other for the food supply that was decreasing despite its special characteristic. The Kroak Turned to the Protheans and attacked them. The Protheans removed themselves and the technology from the new primitive race.

But The krogan were furious that they removed their images of the Hero Hulk Hogan and Decided that in memory of their god the race would now be called the Krogans and they would fight everyday. The race soon became the fierce and violent race the galaxy knows as... The Krogans