I WANT ONE!!!     get me an alien slave!!!  OMNI-TOOL Edit


omni-tools, as they are now called,where originally named "the space pocket knife" developed by Victorinox for the swiss army as they began colonization of the many planets of outer space.When engaged by turian forces for being weirld looking aliens, the Swiss quickly surrendered and the conflict (which lasted a total of 3 minutes and 28 seconds) went on to be know as "the first contact war". after carful study and augmentation to the design, the space knives were redeployed to the human forces under the name "all-purpose/all-terrain energy glove" featuring new technology that allowed the user to create explosive frisbies from air. the new models produced by wenger, were givin a shorter name by soldier and marines for tactical reasons (and because omni-tool sounds pretty cool) and now have the following features: file, tweezers,flashdrive,hacking device,flash light,cellphone/radio,blowtorch,Mp3,player,clock,kitchensink,highlighter,translator,srewdriver,hammer,wrench,PDA,laptop,TV,megaphone,tech-mine launcher,oven mit. and coming soon----knife.